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how do you listen to the file you’re editing in sync with other tracks

May 27, 2012

celemony_ • View topic – Does anyone use Melodyne as a standalone app?

It is true that Melodyne Stand alone is not designed for use with any sort of backing-track. The name Melodyne singletracks also suggests this. But it’s not the whole truth. Often there is a wish to do just that, correct vocals but in a musical context. The way to achieve this with the present version of Melodyne stand alone is by utilizing that separate files can have separate modes: melodic, percussive or polyphonic in the same session. In Melodyne stand alone you can choose to open files from the files menu but you can also drag in files from the desktop. If you drag in and position additional files “one after the other” these files will keep their properties as separate files, enabling you to change their algorithm separately even in the same session window. 
The general idea is then to have the music-track presented as a Percussive file but the vocals-track as a Melodic file simultaneously and then drag them in sync, on top of each other. Then you can edit your vocals in its musical context since these files don’t intermingle or interfere. If you want to keep only the vocals when done, simply delete the music-track. 

Note: percussive mode gives an easy overview of whole files.
You can do this procedure in which ever order you prefer but to give one example: 

Open a music-track and set its algorithm to percussive. Then drag in the vocals-file from the desktop but drop it clearly after the end of the first file, let’s say one bar. Select that vocals-file and choose melodic algorithm for it instead. Only that part will change to melodic and you can now drag that entire melodic part in sync with the percussive music and they will not blend or interfere with each other. Both files are fully editable. You can adjust the volumes for good hearing on the backing-music for example and then fully edit your vocals-track. When you need to correct the note detection, select a blob belonging to either the percussive or melodic and only that type will show up in this Singletrack duo mode. Obviously it is the syncing that is the tweaking bit. However if the alternative is total silence without any reference, you might still think it’s worth a minute or so since you can use it throughout the song.


via celemony_ • View topic – Does anyone use Melodyne as a standalone app?.


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