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August 9, 2012

Technical Notes: String Sensitivity

Technical Notes: Double Triggers

There are two common causes of double triggers:
1. Sensitivity too high so that when you pick touches the string you get a trigger, then a second one when you pick through.
– this can be adjusted by turning down the String Gain in the Global Parameters Sub-Menu

2. Hammer-ons. If you pick a string – say on the 5th fret, then you want to play the next note on the 7th fret. If the 5th fret is ringing out, as you place your finger on the 7th fret, the YRG will trigger the note, then if you pick the note it will trigger again – causing a double trigger. There is a parameter called hammer blanking (also in Global Parameters) that will set a time window in which it will ignore the next trigger of the same note on the same string. Increase this parameter to increase the window. You can test whether this is the cause by turning off hammers completely and experimenting (Global parameter called Hammer Enable)

These events also occur on a real guitar, but are usually very damped and more ‘analog’ in nature. The YRG always wants to pick the first event and send it out as fast as possible to reduce latency. This makes it less forgiving than a guitar so we provide these parameters to tweak for playing styles.

MIDI mono mode allows for each string to be assigned it’s own MIDI channel

send immediate midi program changes on the current midi channel


Mapping YRG MIDI control functions in Ableton Live 8



“To create a new rhythm from scratch”,Page 111 of the manual 

To begin with, if you want to create your own pattern from scratch, you MUST start with an EMPTY User Rhythm slot or CLEAR the existing data from a “busy” User Rhythm slot, otherwise the keyboard assumes you just want to edit existing data and will not allow you to set (or change) the number of measures or the time signature. This is covered in Steps 1 through 4 on Page 111, but go through them step by step, as they cover other set up items.

So – start with the keyboard powered OFF.

Power the keyboard ON.

Press the “F – USER RHYTHMS” button to select the User Rhythm area.

Use the data wheel to select an EMPTY User Rhythm slot. The display MUST show “No Data” for that User Rhythm slot, otherwise it has existing data in it, and you will not be able to continue unless you CLEAR it. Perform the other items in Steps 1 through 4.

When you get to Step 5 (actually Step 4 from Page 109), this is what you will be doing to set the number of measures and time signature:

Press the “PATTERN SEQUENCER” button to bring up the Pattern Sequencer screen.

DO NOT press the RECORD button at any time during this part of the procedure. The manual will tell you later when to do that.

PRESS AND HOLD the FUNCTION button as you press the PATTERN SEQUENCER button a second time to bring up the EDIT screen for the Pattern Sequencer.

RIGHT ARROW one time to go to Page 2 of the EDIT menu.

DOWN ARROW one time to select “Element Edit” and press ENTER.

This brings you to the menu you have been looking for.

The top option allows you to CLEAR the pattern if necessary, but no need here, as we started with an EMPTY rhythm slot to begin with, but this is where you would CLEAR existing data if you had started with a “busy” User Rhythm slot.

DOWN ARROW one time and use the data wheel or +/- buttons to set the number of measures (up to 16) that you want to record.

DOWN ARROW a second time and set the time signature for your pattern.

Press the EXIT button TWICE to return to the “Pattern Sequencer” page.

Return to Step 6 on Page 111 of the manual and continue with recording your pattern.




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