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November 18, 2012

PG Music Forums: RealBand TUTORIALS!


user tracks 8/2015 excel file 

pgmusic usertracks forums

sequence for song construction using biab realband and a daw from Noel96 updted 7.19.15


1. Write the arrangement, words and music in BIAB.

2. Select the Realtracks for the song’s foundation in BIAB.

3. Open the BIAB SGU/MGU file in Realband and generate the song.

4. Save the song as an SEQ file.

5. Listen through each track individually. Where there are sections of a track that don’t appeal, regenerate those sections until I achieve something I like.

6. Use “Multiriff” to generate multiple (up to 7), different versions of the song’s main Realtracks (especially any solo and background fill tracks).

Multiriff generates completely different versions of the same Realtrack. For example: in your mix if you want two different versions of the same strumming guitar so that you can pan one version full left and the other full right, then using Multiriff to generate the two tracks will give you two independent tracks that will work.

7. Move to the DAW (I use Reaper). Here, I listen through the multiple generations of tracks and select those sections of the different tracks that I like. I then compile those sections into a comp’d track. Also, if I find any riffs or breaks that have potential to be used as hooks, I use copy and paste to add those to the appropriate sections of the arrangement.

8. When all my tracks flow in the way that I want, I polish up the mix.

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