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YouRock Gen2 with only Two MIDI Channels!

January 19, 2013

YouRock Gen2 with only Two MIDI Channels!???? Help!

To set the midi channel you need to use the option in the Layer options menu (Submenu3) – ch  (see page 19 of the <gen2> english user manual, I don’t know if there are different ones.)

You are looking at the options relating to the midi surface controller (Page 23 of the same manual)

Now for those other poor clueless newbies like myself here’s the deal;

The trick is to really read the User Guide documentation and get to know the on board Guitar Control Panel.  Also, to download the windows based control panel and software update application off of the YouRock website.

The real discovery was to learn how to enter numerical parameters into the guitar’s submenu’s by using the Guitars fretboard. Yes, the fretboard. For instance to enter a value of 15 as a parameter you would choose the appropriate sub menu and option and then press the 15th fret.

To make it work with Guitar Pro 6:
You must set up your YouRock Gen2 to use Midi Channel 19 (or 18) in order to talk to Guitar Pro 6 (GP6). Page 19 of the English Language User Manual is of limited help here but read it anyway.

To continue,
Press and Hold down the MUSIC button
Simultaneously Press the PLAY button to enumerate from Sub Menu 1 to Sub Menu 3 (you’ll see 3 LED dots on)
Release those buttons and now scroll through this sub menu with the up or down arrows until you see the CH (channels) parameter.
Now enter the Midi value of 19 by pressing the 19th fret on the Hi E string to enter MIDI channel 19 into the channel parameter.
Pressing the MUSIC button again saves the your preset entries.

Yes I know, its a little cumbersome for something so simple but ….

Note: If you change your preset again you might have to set the Midi channel once again for that preset.

Makes me wonder if there’s a global or default setting I can use for all the presets.

By the way without YouRocks community support board I would never have known this stuff in a zillion years.

Now everything just rocks.

the PC control panel may be easier to do this configration. But it is good to get to know the on board controls. Also note that on Gen2’s Prest 31~40 are designed for different MIDI setups. See page 33 of the Gen2 manual.

Midi setup presets 31-40

31 basic MIDI channel 1 maj2nd bend
32 basic MIDI channel 1 octave bend
33 2 layer MIDI ch1, ch2, maj2nd bend
34 2 layer MIDI ch1, ch2 0ctave bend
35 mono mode ch1:6 maj2nd bend
36 mono mode ch1:6 octave bend
37 2 layer mono, ch1:6, ch7:12, maj2nd bend
38 2 layer mono, ch1:6, ch7:12, octave bend
39 mono mode ch9:12 maj2nd bend
40 mono mode ch7:12 octave bend

FYI — the two selections under the MIDI button are for the MIDI surface controller modes. See page 23 of the Manual


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