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January 25, 2013

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Tip 1: On the desktop at the bottom left place your mouse there in that corner and right click. A quick menu should appear for accessing system and other programs.

Tip 2:To end an app in metro drag it from the top to the bottom of the screen. It will close.

Tip 3: You name groups of apps and desktop programs in the start screen. Use the mouse scroll wheel with ctrl to show an overview of all the apps and programs on the start screen Right click on a group and you should see at the bottom a name group icon. Click on that to name a group.

Tip 4: In the start screen right click on an empty space. Look at the bottom towar the right. An icon will appear to show all apps. Clicking on this will give you an list of all your apps and programs in alphabetical order.

press the windows key once and let go then start typing the name of any file, any program, any setting on your computer and win 8 will find it.


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