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March 1, 2013

casio WK-7500 / CTK-7000  forum  WK-7500 / CTK-7000 – Casio Music Forums

M.A.Grau & Portable Keyboards styles

CTK-4000/5000 WK-500 Instrument Definition for Cakewalk | Keyboard Forums wk-7500 ins file


How to work with rhythm editor of Casio CTK-7000 – YouTube

Pattern Sequencing Casio WK-7500 and CTK-7000 – YouTube

Casio WK-7500 Tutorial: Pattern Sequencing – Summer NAMM 2011 – YouTube



wk-7500± – YouTube play list

loading rhythms from the SD card: press the USER RHYTHMS button. Then, while holding down Function, press the CARD button. Then you can load a rhythm.

Loading a registration bank press the BANK button, which displays the bank selection. THEN you hold down Function, then CARD.

not only is the Data Manager a file management and transfer program, but during the download process from the PC to the CTK/WK, it will also convert the older “ckf” and “z00” rhythm files from the older WK3X00 keyboards to the “AC7” format of the newer CTK and WK units

if you try to download 100 files in one fell swoop, you will consistently end up losing around 15 to 20 of them and have to spend time figuring out which ones got lost and resend them.  it seems to be some kind of a buffer overflow problem.  Since the Data Manager displays about 15 files on screen at a time, Ijust send them in bundles of 15 at a time, and everything works out fine.

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