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multimedia in chrome

May 10, 2013

links from The Best Chrome Apps You’re (Probably) Not Using

WeVideo is an editor that should get you through most novice needs. With WeVideo you can do a bunch of basic editing tricks, including trimming videos, splitting clips, and add a handful of effects. If you just need to make a quick compilation of your vacation videos on your laptop, or you’re not that concerned with power, WeVideo does the job.

Pixlr Editor the most. With it, you can do basic color correction and editing, as well as use a bunch of popular filters like HDR, tilt-shift, and vignette. It’s not going to replace Photoshop by any means, but as a lightweight browser tool it suits most people’s needs.

For an even simpler option, BeFunky Photo Editor is easy to use but doesn’t have a ton of features. Alternately, iPiccy does the bulk of the work for you.

TwistedWave is essentially trying to be Audacity for Chrome. It doesn’t quite get there, but as a free (you’ll need to sign up for a free account to get more 30 seconds of editing) audio editing tool that exists solely in your browser, TwistedWave gets the job done. You can easily edit audio files, cut them down, apply effects, and save everything to either Google Drive or SoundCloud. If you just need simple editing, Audio Cutter is a great way to trim clips and edit fades.

If you’d rather actually make music, both Audiotool and AudioSauna are both great mobile workstations.

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