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wk3 improv course notes making scale choices in realtime

May 13, 2013

choosing a chord scale
Finding the Correct Major Scale
the 4th is it  natural Ionianor #4 lydion
how to find out
if the note doesn’t appear in melody look at preseeding chord scale the 4th will most likely be there
Chord Scale Method right 85-90% fo the time
Finding the Correct Minor Chord Scale
if the 6th lowered it’s aeolian if 2d also lowered it’s phrygian
aeolian occures more often
locrian needs some help
locrian indicated in the chord symbol
minor7b5 or half diminished
Minor Examples
Finding the Correct Dominant Chord Scale
mixolydian natural 4th #4 lydian b7
any altered notes?
altered scales
altered and symmetrical diminished bottom half the same
difference altered b13 altered has natural 6th
natural 5 ok in the altered scale occures often
altered occures more often than symmetrical diminished
assignment chic coera 500 miles high
details indicate the name of and notes of the scale to be played for each measure of the manualscript download
download playalong track and play choruse of melody then improvise with scales you’ve chosen


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