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wk 4 intro to improv notes

May 20, 2013

harmonic motion
guide tones those notes that lead from one chord to another ex. V7 to I
guide lines chord tones that move up or down lik a scale, half or whole steps, each note of scale is a chord tone of its respective scale
c/g g is guideline base note chord tone note a 3d above baseline also can be a guideline
how to use guidelines in a solo
using harmony as an improviser
common scale segments freely playing on shared scales
constant structure harmonies chords are same type
chromatic chords moving chromatically
memories of tomorrow

To complete this week’s assignment:

Download the manuscript for “Memories of Tomorrow.” On the second line, write in the chord scales for each measure. Also, identify the compositional elements for each section of the song and write in any guide-tone lines or common scales.

* Regarding song “sections” one approach to this is to break up the tune into parts, such as four-bar sections, or eight-bar sections, though sometimes the sections are divided with uneven numbers of bars such as a three-bar or five-bar section. Most often it is four or eight, so your first assumption is to look for natural divisions in those groupings. Start a section and notice how long a certain compositional element goes on before it comes to rest or changes to something different.

Download the “Memories of Tomorrow” lead sheet

Download the play-along MP3 track and record yourself playing the melody and improvising.

Download the MP3 “Memories of Tomorrow” play-along track

Download the MP3 “Memories of Tomorrow” play-along track (no piano version)

Upload your completed chart as a PDF and submit the SoundCloud link to the audio of you playing “Memories of Tomorrow.”


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