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intro to improv links

June 7, 2013

Improvising With Knowledge, Greg Studley the Improvising With Knowledge Ultimate Guitar Lesson series

Improvising With Knowledge – Home

Greg Studley – YouTube

Piano Pentatonic Scales

Learn how to improvise in a chosen scale | The Melody Master

: Fundamental Ear Training,

Seventh Chord Exercises,

Hearing Chord Tones in Context.

Chord and scales
chord generator
Mode and Key Chart (editable)
JB Dyas teaches a 90 minute class on jazz fundamentals:
Matt Warnock – how to play all 7 modes on guitar from one shape
i especially liked how to learn a song section of JB Dyas teaches a 90 minute class on jazz fundamentals
J.B. Dyas recommends 52 must-have CDs in a pdf on the bottom of the website
6 Common Chord Relationships in Jazz Improvisation How to learn jazz tunes Jazz improvisation exercises – visualization Visualizing chord progressions
Video “Introduction to the Bebop Language”, beautiful analysis onscreen of a solo and you hear it simultaneously. Bill Evans’ solo on “Night and Day” analysed by David Bennett Thomas for his students:
Guitar chords, Scales, Chords to scales, scales to chords, etc…
Printable fretboard diagrams for all stringed instruments.
That should explain I think Roger Ingram says something relevant to anyone wanting to improvise on their instrument.
Soloing Scales for Chords
 in Jazz Improvisation
Scorio Free Online Notation editor
Music Tech Teacher
Teroria Music Theory Training Website
Printable Staff paper generator
Jamie Abersold Free Jazz Handbook (56 page PDF)
Ear Trainer
useful video lecture about using the Augmented scale in Jazz.
A way of learning the modes.
Here I found the modes as a solfege system, as it is used in Berklee (Movable Do), very useful!!
Chord and scales
Random chord
Chord and scales
a great explanation for the theory behind the altered scale.
Another scale generator
Bb part for Memories of Tommorrow
Great and free ear training excercies
free Jazz Guitar Lessons
An online demo of software which generates gypsy-jazz (Manouche) backing tracks, and also displays appropriate scales for a guitarist.
Some lessons for beginners on the Manouche style, from a very helpful guitarist. He also has a long list of responses to questions from students on his site.
Keith Jarret the art of improvisation
A MuseScore for week 4.
To use it, you need to download museScore (free) and probably join their user group.
Ear Training and Music Theory games in English, Spanish and Japanese. Some are free,
Search for scales that contain set of notes
A free gypsy jazz fakebook. Have a poke around the rest of the site too
(although lots of it is a German language shop, there is still other stuff worth looking at…)
jamey aebersold book
Visualization tool for chords, scales on a keyboard. Help to visualize and memorize scale patterns as described by Gary Burton. Click the “Let scales cover keyboard” box to see the pattern over the entire keyboard.
Just a reminder of the basics : – Intervals :
Just a reminder of the basics : – Scales : (where are the half steps in mode scale, solfeggio with hand signs)
a day ago Interesting visual ideas for teachers who wants to use other methods, inspiration for learners to imagine and develop efficient mnemotechnic tools :

  1. (jazz guitar resources online)
  2. (a repository of bop licks)
  3. (probably the best guitar teacher, sadly not more with us but this site is awesome)
  4. (interesting notebook on guitar, many different scales)
  5. (tool to practice sight reading)
  6. (search your standard and find on wich book)
  7. (many different links on this page)
  8.  (A meeting place for players, students and fans)
  9. (create your vamp in a second)
  10. (free online guitar lessons)
  11. ( collection of 9,825 musical themes)
  12. (blog spot from the son of the great Jimmy Raney)
  13. (usefull advice and inspirations for improvisers)
  14. (print your blank sheet music for free)
  15. (music theory) Ear training s/w. Free and good!

– Intervals :
– Scales : (where are the half steps in mode scale, solfeggio with hand signs)

Help to visualize and memorize scale patterns
Click the “Let scales cover keyboard” box to see the pattern over the entire keyboard.

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