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using JamOrigin’s MIDI Guitar with Sonar

June 17, 2013

Midi-Guitar Software | Cakewalk Forums

Channel Split MIDI Machine, lets you program certain sounds to trigger only when you play low notes on your guitar, while others will trigger only when you play high notes

Starting with Sonar X3 and any newer versions works great with MIDI Guitar:

Copy the MIDI Guitar plug-in to the VST folder
Launch SONAR. If the plug-in is no listed in the Audio FX list, run the VST scanner.
Create or open a project.
Add new audio track, set the input to a mono source (or use an existing mono track). Insert MIDI Guitar into FX bin or ProChannel. To record MIDI data from MIDI Guitar MIDI, using the VST2 drop down in the plug-in header click “Enable MIDI Output” otherwise load a synth plug-in directly into the instrument output of MIDI Guitar, enable input echo on and skip step 5.
Add a new synh or change the input to an existing synth to MIDI Guitar. Make sure both the MIDI Guitar audio track and the synth (Instrument or MIDI) track have input echo enabled.

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