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fretboard intervals

July 14, 2013
DISTANCEINTERVAL NAME   Intervals In Depth | Guitar Lessons @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
One Half StepMinor 2nd
One whole Step (2 half steps)Major 2nd
Three Half stepsMinor 3rd
Two Whole steps (4 half steps)Major 3rd
Five half stepsPerfect 4th
Three Whole Steps (6 half steps)Augmented 4th
Seven Half StepsPerfect 5th
4 Whole Steps (8 half steps)Minor 6th
9 Half StepsMajor 6th
5 Whole steps (10 half steps)Minor 7th
11 Half stepsMajor 7th
6 Whole steps (12 half steps)Octave   CPDmusic’s Contributions | Ultimate-Guitar.Com  >  CPDmusic: The YouTube Channel!
Landmark Chords There is a special chord, the major 6/9 chord, that can provide  a landmark to help identify intervals on the guitar fretboard. If we know the interval of the landmark chord, the pattern is R-3-6-2-5, we can extrapolate other intervals
fret learner interactive updted 8-17-15

The Cakewalk Blog » Blog Archive » Guitar Tips – Advanced Theories Behind Chord Structures The chart from this link is read from the bottom 6th string up to the top 1st string much like guitar tablature. Each column represents a fret on the fretboard and each row represents a string. “R” refers to the root note and the rest of the guitar neck is relative to that initial fretting of “R”.

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