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Buy Royalty Free Music for Production – The Best Online – at Tune Society

August 1, 2013

Buy Royalty Free Music for Production – The Best Online – at Tune Society

What is Tune Society?
Tune Society is the first online, royalty free, consignment-based Music Library for production and media that is totally controlled by you… the users and purchasers, the artists and composers. It is where music artists license their music for royalty-free use in media and entertainment all over the world (videos, films, audio productions, commercials, on-hold music, restaurants, video games, YouTube movies, etc).

How does Tune Society work?
For the production music user, Tune Society is very simple. You can search for the music you are looking for by using a number of different criteria: genres and sub-genres, moods, beats per minute (BPM), vocals or instrumentals, by price levels, particular artists, song titles and descriptions. Songs are priced at three different levels. But they are all royalty-free, with no other conditions, hidden fees, forms to fill out or strings attached. For one price they are licensed for you to use forever in your media productions.

If you are an artist or composer, you can upload your songs to be sold/licensed on Tune Society absolutely free. Tune Society is open to anyone who wants to upload their songs. There is no cost to you to offer your songs on Tune Society. And, when your songs sell, YOU EARN 50% of the retail download price! For more information go below to “Selling My Music on Tune Society”.

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