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melodyne in sonar

August 13, 2013

Sonar X2 64 bit Vs Celemony Melodyne 64 bit problem ! | Cakewalk Forums

– Install Melodyne as an audio effect plugin.
– Insert an instance of it in the FX box in the Inspector for the track in question.
– With the Melodyne GUI open click ‘Transfer’.

In Sonar to use the double click to start and stop melodyne editor plugin you have to enable either Input Echo on the track or Play Effect Tails after Stopping.  This is after you have transferred the passage into Melodyne
– Play the part of the track you want so it appears in Melodyne.
– Do your note corrections/manipulations.
– When you now play the song you wll hear the effect.

You can then bounce a ‘corrected’ clip/track/part of a track to a new track. keep the original track for safety and possible use for a double tracking effect.

use the “Save audio in it’s own folder” option in Sonar….and, in each new project I use Melodyne in…I click “File Options” and tell it to save Melodyne files in a created folder “Project Name\Audio\Melodyne”.

Also, to make sure that Melodyne is working with a dry, raw audio file…I insert Melodyne as a “clip FX” by right clicking on the clip and adding it as an FX there. That way there is no other FX on the clip to alter the sound before it gets to Melodyne.


When you use Melodyne, with prochannel you need to click POST in the Inspector for the track; otherwise, Melodyne will bypass ProChannel. if this is not the question or problem, my apologies. If it is, here is the whole answer from the other thread:

Make sure you hit POST on the track. If POST is not lit up blue, Melodyne will bypass ProChannel. This gave me trouble until I figured it out.

The POST button is almost top center under the GAIN knob in the Inspector when TRACK is selected. You may have to click TRACK a second time to hide the Properties: otherwise, the POST button will be hidden underneath the Properties. Not a good design, in my opinion, but not a problem once you know where it is.

Melodyne in Sonar X2…I was amazed…! | Cakewalk Forums

SyncToy Download SyncToy 2.1 from Official Microsoft Download Center

used to back up Melodyne files daily. A lot of things can screw up Melodyne so that it can no longer find its original transfer files.

One note: SyncToy won’t work if the file is in use, so you may have to quit Sonar to do the back-up (which only takes a second). If Sonar is running, it won’t hurt anything but SyncToy will say the back-up failed on some of the files.

Melodyne 4 – basics: Scales and tunings



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