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November 11, 2013

change major to dominate
use alternate base notes from the chord
preceed target chord dominate or related 2 minor( 5 half steps down)
tritone substitute for dom 7
Back Cycling precede target chord, treated as a 1 chord with 3625 of that chord ex C = E7 A7 D7 G7


Basic Bebop Reharmonization

Jazz Contrafacts (a new melodic composition written over the chord progression to a preexisting tune.) and Reharmonization: A Creative Approach to Jazz Standards updted 7.25.15

Transcribe & Reharmonize an Acapella

Harmonization – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Reharmonization, and Other Ways to Increase Your Listening Skills, Knowledge and Creativity | Bob Gillis: Musician


Jazz Reharmonization chart

What is Back Cycling and How Can It Improve Your Jazz Guitar Soloing? |


This approach (playing the 3 to 9 superimposed chord over the given change) is a common approach to chord superimposition. Other common superimpositions are playing the iim7 chord over the V7 chord and vice-versa (playing Cm7 over F7 or F7 or Cm7 for example), as well as playing the vim7 or iiim7 chord over the Imaj7 chord (such as Em7 or Am7 over Cmaj7)

One exercise to ensure a thorough chord vocabulary for chord solos and chord melody arranging is to open the real book and then pick out any standard at random to see if you work out the chords with the melody note on top right away


Chord Substitution | Pghboemike’s Blog


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