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reaper tips and techniques

January 26, 2014

M-Audio Axiom and Reaper

reaper Sound On Sound search


another good resource of REAPER knowledge. You can find text, image and video tutorials in the REAPER section of WikiAudio.

MIDI Editor Powerup – Instant chords, scales and arpeggios


The REAPER Blog: Training and support for REAPER users

How To Use ReaScales

Working with split stereo audio in REAPER

Quick Tip: Reaper Rendering for High Quality Mixdown – Music & Audio – Tuts+ Tutorials

Making the Most of Reaper’s Preferences: Part 1 – Music & Audio – Tuts+ Tutorials

reaper – Search – Tuts+ Tutorials

Build your own loop recorder in Reaper and test the limits of your creativity.

Quick Tip: Reaper Rendering for High Quality Mixdown – Music & Audio – Tuts+ Tutorials

#REAPER WEEK – 100 tips on using REAPER

Mackie Control Klinke v0.8 – Cockos Confederated Forums

Snap Function Venture beyond Reaper’s default Snap settings to discover a world of techniques to speed up your workflow.
Loop Recorder Build your own loop recorder in Reaper
Channel Splitting Reaper’s channel‑splitting abilities, here’s a neat exercise to get you started.

 Going all freeware (well… almost)


▶ Navigation (Reaper Explained) – YouTube playlist

Adjusting the Grid in Reaper – YouTube

Tutorials | Tutorials For Reaper

Reaper Training Videos

▶ Syncing Audio with Video in REAPER – YouTube

Tutorials For Reaper | Manual Mode with ReaTune | Tune Vocal – YouTube

Korg NanoKontrol 2 Usb Midi Daw Controller- Reaper 3.76 demo video – YouTube

Korg NanoKontrol Reaper – YouTube

reaper The SWS extensions – Google Search

Reaper beginner tutorials – YouTube

reaper tutorials – YouTube

Tutorials For Reaper | Envelopes | Normalize | Automations | Volume and Pan | Render Ready For CD – YouTube

Tutorials For Reaper | Take System Basics | Record Selected Area | Audio Vocal Compilation – YouTube

Working with Multiple MIDI Items in Reaper

reaper youtube playlist

Any arp, including midi_arp, should come before the instrument in the FX chain
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