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February 1, 2014

from Guidelines for what vidoes to watch | Cakewalk Forums

Setup and appearance

Unified Preferences video- Basic overview of the area where you set up most basic preferences like sound and midi interfaces.  It’s not that detailed but it will show you where to look for such things.  There are more detailed videos but this is a fairly easy overview

Get Started-Skylight- Basic Overview of the skylight interface. Again, not a full fledged tutorial but will familiarize you with how Sonar is laid out


Get Started-Smart Tool-  You will be using (or opting not to use it) a lot so basic knowledge of it is a must.

Get Started- Zoom-  the ins and outs of zooming, autozoom, fast zoom, etc
Get Started- Clips- shows basics of working with audio clips in timeline.

Get Started- Browser- Whether using audio files , midi, synths, track templates, or fx chains, having a working knowledge of the built in browser will come in handy.

CakeTV Live: SONAR X2 – YouTube

SONAR X2: Get Started – Zoom and Navigation – YouTubeCakewalk – Documentation & Help – SONAR X2 – Smart toolCakewalk – Documentation & Help – SONAR X2 – Mouse cursorsCakewalk – Documentation & Help – SONAR X2 – Creating and editing automation envelopesSONAR X2: Get Started – Clips – YouTubeCakewalk – Documentation & Help – SONAR X2 – Splitting and combining clipsSONAR X2: Get Started – Browser – YouTubeSONAR X2 – Views-kb shortcutsSONAR X2: Get Started – Metronome – YouTubeSONAR X2: Get Started – Smart Grid and Snap – YouTubeSONAR X2 – Transitioning From SONAR X1 – YouTube1 CakeTV Live Music Production Part 1 – YouTube2 CakeTV Live: SONAR Music Production ‘Aike’ – YouTube3 CakeTV Live: Larger Than Life Drums – YouTube4 CakeTV Live: SONAR X2 – YouTubeSONAR: Go Deeper – ProChannel Sidechaining – YouTubeSONAR X2: Get Started- R-MIX SONAR – YouTube

Karl Rose – YouTube

Cakewalk – YouTube

midi marker clips YouTube

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