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Uninstall and Remove Software in Safe Mode

February 9, 2015

Step 1

Click the Start button. In the Search field, type regedit and press Enter.

Right click over the regedit.exe that comes into search list; select “Run as Administrator“. Accept the security Prompt. Registry Editor will open.

Step 2

Locate the following registry key:


Right-click on the Mininal key and from the menu select New – Key:

Now name the new key MSIService and change the value to Service by double-clicking it:

If you are in the Safe Mode with Network Mode, repeat the above steps for the following registry key:HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Network\

Step 3

The newly created MSIService will make available the Windows Installation Service in Safe Mode. However, I want to remind you that it is necessary to turn the new service on.

To do it, exit regedit, click Start and in the Search field type: services.msc and right click over the “services.msc” that comes into search list; select “Run as Administrator”. Accept the security Prompt.

From the list, locate Windows Installer. Right-click it and select Start:

Note: If the procedure to turn on Windows Installer does not work try this one:

1. Open an elevated command prompt.
NOTE: Right click the Command icon, and click Run as administrator.

2. In the command prompt, type net start msiservice and press Enter.

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