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February 10, 2016

lookup tools

Sad progressions

The I-VII-VI-V Progression (Gm-F-Eb-Dm) (Bm-A-G-F#)(Bm-A-G-Em, or I-VII-VI-IV)Andalusian cadence)

Cm-F9-Am-Eb, or VI-II-IV-I

Dm – Edim7/D – A7/C# – Dm – Bb – Gm- Dm/A – C#dim – Dm, and then it switches to Dm – Edim7/D – A7/C# – Dm – Bb – Gm – A – A7 – Dm Bach – Chaconne in D Minor






jamorigin midi guitar Channel Split MIDI Machine,lets you program certain sounds to trigger only when you play low notes on your guitar, while others will trigger only when you play high notes

Chord progressions pghboemike’s blog

Chord Finder for Guitar and Piano

Chord Identifier for guitar & keyboard

what chords and scales contain these notes

chord degrees of common scales

what’t my next chord hooktheory

Guitar Chord Book

Musical Scale Finder Tool

Learning The Modes – Masterclass Session # David Wallimann – YouTube
Composition Toolkit Easy Songwriting in Ableton Live – YouTube

​​7 Ways to Make your Guitar Songs Unique | Guitar & Lace

a progression map for major scales

summary of intervocalic relationships for scales chords arpeggios and the guitar fretboard

Complicated Chords with Memorable Shapes
How to Move Chords Across the Fretboard

Connecting Pentatonic Patterns

this site will allow you to transpose a song that has the form
Hear that lonesome whippoorwill
He sounds too blue to fly
The midnight train is whining low
to a key of your choosing

Note Calculator

 creating lyric & chord  guitar files in ms word by  Daniel G. Grau
read all of Daniel’s  posts in this thread on the use of the template
a Word document template for guitar tablature. It’s just a one page document and each the page contains 6 fretboard diagrams read about it here
other formats

getting music ideas from your head to band in a box

How To Find Your Vocal Range- Beginner’s Guide
my song coach
songwriting tips and inspiration

Melody Writing Can Be Easy! – YouTube \ Making Catchy Hooks In Your Songs – YouTube

music blogs ‘nat
songwriting tips and techniques





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