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If the blind could see

guitar teaching songs

kid friendly YouTube Channels

31 YouTube Channels Your Kids Should Watch

20 Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels That Moms Need To Know (+ 5 Channels for Moms)

STEAM YouTube Channels for Elementary Kids


my music related youtube playlists

shared housing\workspace

Common, a company that offers flexible, community-driven housing by providing fully furnished, month-to-month memberships


The big guide to coworking spaces in Pittsburgh

Catapult a coworking community of independent workers with an awesome space in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville

Coworking In Pittsburgh

Rent a Band Rehearsal Room month-to-month with full amenities:

The Best 10 Recording & Rehearsal Studios in Pittsburgh, PA




Suspended chords

about Sus4 Chords

How to Play and Apply Sus2 and Sus4 Chords

Barre sus chords

sus vocings+

How to Fully Use Suspended Chords


amazon order issues

Shipping Carrier Contacts

Manage Your Orders

Where’s My Stuff?

Chord Melody Guitar


Marc-Andre Seguin Chord-Melody tips   Jazz Guitar Chord Melody

chord melody guitar lesson -youtube


5 Curious Ways to Find Interesting Books to Read

5 Curious Ways to Find Interesting Books to Read

blind tv making tv accessible to the blind


Audio Description (Video Description) on TV (Television)

Narrative Television Network — Making Movies, TV, and Educational Programming Accessible

Blindy.TV | Taking the vision out of television