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pressures of retirement

March 16, 2013

retirement is 24/7 not time off ever!

there are no lunch or coffee breaks

no paid vacation time

you have to be reminded that it’s friday

they told me i would be living on a fixed income i think they lied because mine is broken and i can’t get it fixed!!

when i was working there were times i would go the the doctor for some medical reason and they would sometimes say do not return to work for some period of time depending on the problem since retirement the doctor has never said don’t return to retirement!!

sometimes retired folks have trouble filling the time that used to be consumed by work MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, may be an answer

here is a google search listing some of the MOOs available

mooc listings – Google Search

retirement has given me a new appreciation for those in the working class so those reading this who are in that class thanks for all you do

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